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From 1 January 2020 there will be a mandatory requirement to use marine fuels with a maximum sulphur content of 0.5% by mass. Don't wait for deadline day to get ship shape. Now is the time to get your storage tanks and fuel handling system ready to accept compliant fuel.

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Act now and avoid VLSFO compatibility and stability issues

By the end of 2019 all major fuel suppliers should be selling VLSFO that complies with IMO 2020. The question for ship operators is how to make sure this new fuel does not cause compatibility and stability issues.

Extensive testing of VLSFO by Innospec, using samples taken from around the world, reveals that most of these new fuels are highly unstable when mixed, even at a ratio of 10:90. Official guidance suggests segregating VLSFO, but given that many vessels operate with a limited number of storage tanks, implementation is not always straightforward. It is also important to note that the oil majors will not be taking responsibility for fuel stability after its expiry date. Ship operators must find their own solution to these issues, especially if fuel is mixed onboard.

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IMO 2020 compliant advanced fuel additive technology

Octamar™ HF-10 Plus

Octamar™ HF-10 Plus stabilises fuel blends and reduces sludge. It ensures most of the VLSFO’s currently available in the market can be used safely on-board (Sep 2019).

  • Improved compatibility when using new fuels or unknown fuels.
  • Safer fuel changeovers for ECAs.
  • Stable and homogenous fuel ensures improved combustion.
  • Reduced sludge means more fuel to burn.
  • Higher treat rates combat injector fouling.

Octamar™ Ultra HF

Octamar™ Ultra HF provides a complete solution for VLSFO. It delivers better fuel blend stability, improved combustion and cleaner engines with reduced soot formation.

  • Combined combustion and ignition improvements from one additive.
  • Cleaner running engines.
  • Improved fuel economy and reduced fouling of exhaust gas systems.
  • Increased fuel stability and compatibility of marine fuel blends.

Octamar™ BT series tank cleaning additives

Octamar™ BT series contains an innovative proprietary component that acts as a dispersant and stabiliser. The dispersant stabiliser acts to simulate resins that surround asphaltenes. With the resins in place, asphaltenes remain stable and in suspension within the fuel.

However, when this additive attaches to precipitated asphaltenes (sludge), it has a polar function which brings the asphaltene back into the fuel. This makes it a very effective tank cleaner. What is more, using fuel additive technology like this is much easier than traditional manual cleaning methods and it works out far more cost-effective, saving time and money.

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Industry Insights

Guidance on the development of a ship implementation plan for the consistent implementation of the 0.50% sulphur limit

What next as MEPC 73 rejects proposal for an IMO 2020 experience building phase?

Certain flag states have been calling for an experience building phase based around safety concerns of an unknown fuel, some are saying it is a thinly veiled attempt to delay 2020.

IBIA welcomes IMO’s 2020 preparatory advice for ships

Guidance on ship implementation planning approved by the IMO last week will assist ship owners in preparing for the use low sulphur fuels to comply with the 2020 sulphur limit.

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