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This page has been created to help keep all our customers up to date. The Marine Technical sales teams have collated industry articles and insights from around the globe and will continue to share information and update this page. To make sure you are on top of IMO 2020 register below for updates.

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From 1 January 2020 there will be a mandatory requirement to use marine fuels with a maximum sulphur content of 0.5% by mass. Don't wait for deadline day to get ship shape. Now is the time to get your storage tanks and fuel handling system ready to accept compliant fuel.

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Industry Insights

Guidance on the development of a ship implementation plan for the consistent implementation of the 0.50% sulphur limit

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What next as MEPC 73 rejects proposal for an IMO 2020 experience building phase?

Certain flag states have been calling for an experience building phase based around safety concerns of an unknown fuel, some are saying it is a thinly veiled attempt to delay 2020.

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IBIA welcomes IMO’s 2020 preparatory advice for ships

Guidance on ship implementation planning approved by the IMO last week will assist ship owners in preparing for the use low sulphur fuels to comply with the 2020 sulphur limit.

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MEPC 73: Summary of key outcomes

The 73rd session of the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee has dealt with a huge amount of work this week. Here is a brief summary of points of particular relevance to IBIA’s members.

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Development of draft guidelines for consistent implementation of regulation

Preparatory and transitional issues: ship implementation planning for 2020

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Sulphur 2020 – cutting
sulphur oxide emissions

The main type of “bunker” oil for ships is heavy fuel oil, derived as a residue from crude oil distillation. Crude oil contains
sulphur which, following combustion in the engine, ends up in ship emissions.

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MARPOL 2020 represents a significant change in the marine fuels landscape. Find out what BP is doing and how we are
supporting our customers in their journey to 2020 and beyond.

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Industry News

North P&I: North Vision 2020

North P&I Club is a leading marine mutual liability insurer providing P&I, FD&D, war risks and ancillary insurance to 147 million GT of owned tonnage and 60 million GT of chartered tonnage (at February 2019). Through its guaranteed subsidiary Sunderland Marine, North is also a leading insurer of fishing vessels, small craft and aquaculture risks.

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ClipperData Fuel Oil & Feedstock Trader

UK refineries are in good shape ahead of the looming sulfur spec change, which is set to cripple crack spreads on fuel oil and send middle distillate profits soaring.

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Pacific Maritime January 2019

There is much noise these days surrounding IMO2020 and its effect on the commercial shipping sector moving forward.

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Cruise ship captain fined €100,000 for using dirty fuel

The captain of a cruise ship found to be burning fuel with excessive sulphur levels has been fined €100,000 (£88,500) in a Marseille court, the first such ruling in France.

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What are the components of your IMO 2020 Strategy

Everyone has a perspective on the direction and outcome of the forthcoming IMO 2020 regulations from the refiners to the vessel operators and everyone in between within the supply chain.

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Bunkerspot January 2019: Attention to detail

Michael Banning of Innospec highlights the importance of rigorous onboard fuel storage system preperation well in advance of IMO 202, including tank cleaning and the use of additives.

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Bunkerspot July 2017: Complete Solution

Michael Banning from Innospec's Marine Fuel Specialties division charts the development of its fuel additives, and outlines the properties of its new, independently tested, heavy fuel oil treatment, Octamar Complete.

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Bunkerspot September 2016: Double Take

Michael Green of Intertek ShipCare and Michael Banning from Innospec review the findings of a follow-up study on the use of distillate fuel grades and lubricity issues - and also provide some insights into the uptake of recent revisions of ISO 8217.

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Bunkerspot August 2016: Adjusting to change

New statistics from the French Ministry of Environment would seem to support earlier US Coast Guard findings over loss of propulsion during fuel changeovers in emission control areas. Ian Crutchley of Innospec looks at the facts and discusses the role of fuel additives in mitigating the risks.

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Bunkerspot January 2016: Action Points

Cold temperature behaviour in the marine distillate fuels has become a serious operational concern since the turn of 2015. Michael Banning of Innospec explores the reasons behind the issue, and reviews different techniques to assess cold flow properties.

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Octamar™ BT series tank cleaning additives

Octamar™ BT series contains an innovative proprietary component that acts as a dispersant and stabiliser. The dispersant stabiliser acts to simulate resins that surround asphaltenes. With the resins in place, asphaltenes remain stable and in suspension within the fuel.

However, when this additive attaches to precipitated asphaltenes (sludge), it has a polar function which brings the asphaltene back into the fuel. This makes it a very effective tank cleaner. What is more, using fuel additive technology like this is much easier than traditional manual cleaning methods and it works out far more cost-effective, saving time and money.

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